What kind of blog should this be?


 This is the first post of the Esha Blog. The place where all of us, as volunteers and as generally around ppl, will put our thoughts out generously..

 The reason that this blog took so long is.. i really didn’t know what kind of a blog this should be!

 What would you like to read here.. when you come to our blog looking for Esha?

 How about I start with interesting stuff being done for the disabled, by normal, ordinary people like you?

 Ok, lets start with this one:

Several of my friends are involved in a project called ‘Chatterbox’ where a weekly newstape is put together by volunteers reading from the local paper. This is distributed to people whose sight is not good enough for them to read.

The sight mentioned mainstream schooling for blind/visually disabled people. In Britain, we have to be as inclusive as possible in our schools (sometimes, in respect of people with learning and behavioural difficulties, beyond the extent that is really feasible) and so simple, practical things like rounding off edges, marking steps with bright tape, enlarging worksheets, enabling the use of laptops, can be very helpful to children with poor sight.

This comes to me from a blog friend – Z .

Z is based in the UK, and runs a charming little family business there with Sage, her husband. (No, his Christian name is not Sage. She just calls him that bcs she thinks he is very wise.)

Tell me what you want to read on this blog, and all of us, the bunch of volunteers, will try and write about that..

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