How Google Search Helps

Every once in a while, I run Google Search for keywords that should ideally lead to the website.

It helps us understand where we are on page rank, and also helps us know if there is anyone else in the same space, so we can collaborate.

 Always, without exception, these net searches lead one to very interesting work being done by other people, and its impossible to not share the excitement!

 Today, its this really nice list of periodicals for the disabled. The list has been compiled, quite nicely, by a website called Shruti. And while we are at it, I must also appreciate the website itself. It’s super cool.

Periodicals in Special Media

We are not listed on this site yet 😦 Let’s see if i can find a way to get them informed.  

The other nice place that i found was this:

APCD Project

This place is good because, though there are hajaar people working for the same end, it irritates me that there is no network, no one place where you can at least get information about such initiatives at one place.

Shruti and ACPD are both excellent because u at least get a consolidated, compiled information base.

As they would say in my IIM Calcutta lingo, Gud Show!

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2 Responses to How Google Search Helps

  1. adi says:

    i say again, whenever you need some sort of copywriting/advertising help, pls. do contact me. if not much, my words will are there with u.
    and take care.

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