The Theater Workshop

We’ve designed a simple theater workshop that focuses on an exploration of our gifts.

Participants are encouraged to create their own play during the workshop, so everyone has a lot of fun. This workshop works at 2 levels – at the basic level, it makes us grateful for our own gifts, and at another, it sensitises us to the needs of those who are not as privileged.

On the 2nd of August, I was around at one of our workshops. Was blown by the impact on the participants after just 90 minutes of the workshop. It was so apparent that these guys were touched, that I did not even need to make the endpoint at the end of the workshop. Their faces indicated that they’d understood what the workshop was about.

You know, i like these days of small successes.. they make one’s day, and what’s better.. they remain in memory as sweet little raisins.

Brainstorming Session

 Sensitisation Workshop

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