Someone likes Esha!

I just mentioned to a friend about Esha, and she liked it so much…

I was touched by what she wrote.. esp. when she said that

“where Indians visiting overseas don’t feel ‘wow’ at seeing braille in elevators, movie theaters and all major corporate communications.. because in that tomorrow, we have it all in India too..”

That is close to what i have always wondered.. when we ask for everything that is world class, why dont we ask for inclusive environments.. it costs us nothing, and only adds to a space.. why dont we?

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2 Responses to Someone likes Esha!

  1. Sugandha says:

    Hi. I work in a Gurgaon based MNC. My Company is relocating to another location in Gurgaon, so we will need new business cards for our office. I mailed you sometime back, please get in touch with me, we would like to be associated with your noble org.


  2. Hi Sugandha.. i did email back right then!! But this comment means, obviously, that you did not get that email.. am sending another one right now.

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