Looking for someone in NCR region

Esha is looking for another beneficiary – in the NCR region.

We have a lot of work coming our way from the NCR region and a new delivery center is in order.
If you know of anyone who is:
A. Visually disabled to the extent that their normal employment options are impacted because of the disability.
B. Interested
C. Would like to be groomed into an entrepreneur.
D. Is available to work part time (but is committed)
E. Needs the money.
F. Is based in the NCR region.

Please ask them to reach me at esha_braille@yahoo.com

This person will be groomed and mentored over a 5-6 month period, to run their own show as entreprenerus, using the revenue streams of Esha, or any other revenue stream that they deem fit. At the moment, Esha has 3 revenue options (all 3 are designed for delivery by a visually disabled person):
1. Braille enabled visiting cards, stationery and greeting cards
2. Theater Workshops for Team Building – for corporates, schools and residential complexes.
3. Accessibility Audit of a building – for offices, schools, and other public places.

Have a Good Day! 🙂

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One Response to Looking for someone in NCR region

  1. Gauri says:

    I have been trying to get in touch with someone from Esha since 3-4 days now. Also sent a mail detailing the purpose at the yahoo address. Pl. revert back, this is imp..

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