The things people do for an impressive business card….

Stumbled upon this today:

And they really are VERY creative calling cards. At least some of them are. That set me thinking 0 what’s the big idea? Simple. The owners of these cards want to stand out, and they want to be remembered. So does everyone handing out a business card.

Why am i laughing so hard? Because, thats just what a braille enabled card does too.. it makes people talk to you, and it makes them remember you.

Shameless self promotion? You bet… but really.. that list had me doing two things really hard – thinking, and laughing! 😉

There’s a simple way to do things, and even Sherlock Holmes thinks its usually the best.

Of late, i have been getting multiple cards orders, all unsolicited. but what makes it special is that these people saw the value in the product when they called me. They all said “its a fantastic idea!” None of them told me about helping the blind et al, but all of them said that it was a great product.

Thank you, everyone of you.. and finally, my stand that braille enabled cards are not just good for the blind, they are awfully good for you… stands vinidicated.. in whatever small way..

Thank you, to the little God sititng up there.

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