We’re getting a new website design!

Soon! If all goes well, very soon, the website www.braillecards.org will have a professional new design. Will tell you more about it in the next post..

IN other news, the hugely popular Mad Momma wrote a post about Esha.. here: http://themadmomma.wordpress.com/2009/08/20/esha-people-for-the-blind/

Sometimes ago, we did a small Blogathon for Esha .. where a set of bloggers got together and blogged about Esha at the same time. The objective was two fold – to check the brand creation impact of blogs and to run  a Blogathon for Esha. The updated list of blogs on the Esha website reflects this list. The participating bloggers are:

A BIG thanks to all of them for taking the time to post about Esha. They did a pre awareness, an awareness post and a post awareness post. Am in the process of creating a detailed report, and will post it soon. A report is also due to every blogger who participated in the blogathon.. its coming soon..
If you are on the Esha blog, please do comment.. we’d like to know what you think… really!
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One Response to We’re getting a new website design!

  1. Varun says:

    Mubarak ho!

    It was long due 🙂

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