Project Bicycle

When India is shining and said that it is going to be a gr8 economy, traveling through the rural India gives a different perspective. It was seen that lakhs of kids are still not having basic right of education. May it be lack of infrastructure or the lack of will of our own politicians. Just imagine 6yr to 15 years kids are walking through the mountains and valleys to learn ABC of education. May it rain or sun, cold or swine flue believe me these small legs are walking for 5 to 15 km daily….!!

There is pressure on them to quit the education and join their parents for making the household. Well there is no limit to their hurdles as well as their determination. For saluting their will to learn, we thought of helping them with some means where they can reduce at least their one difficulty. One month back, appeal was made to donate your scrapped cycles and 1…2…50… and we reached to 100….!!! Thanks to all of guys like you who spread the word and the donors we could manage to meet the requirement for 3 remote schools, near Pune. Kundur and Tamani. ..

If you want to donate a bicycle, please contact Shantibhooshan at or call +91 9892530192

PS: Shanti is my colleague. He has done this outside office, and am truly proud to know him.   






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