The Times of Esha

Lots more has been happening at Esha. Its just that i havent been able to sit and blog about it. One should have. Sorry!

Now, since THAT is out of the way.. what all have we done?

First , We were approached by a printer to collaborate on the braille enabled cards. The only hitch? The printer was based in Delhi, and our delivey unit is still in Bangalore. Even earlier, i spoke to a printer in Mumbai, but the logistics were not workable with the physical couriering of cards et al. Which leaves us looking for a printer in Bangalore who would like to offer the service to their clients and tie up with us.

Two, We got a BIG corporate order – SAP Labs now offers ALL its employees the choice to braille enable their cards. Honest to God, i did nothing in the matter. One of those times when one sends up a quiet Thank you to God.

Third, i have been inordinately lazy and not doing enough work at Esha. Have now decided to correct that and to NEVA repeat this again…feel free to hit me on the head if u find slack again.

Fourth, we did a practice workshop with Chandru in Bangalore, and found that he is much better now than he was at the DBOI workshop. We will need one more workshop with him, but am sure that they will cope just fine.

Fifth, as usual, i m looking for new beneficiaries for Esha. Preferably from Delhi, so if u know anyone in the NCR region, please do let me know. I hve spoken to a school in Chandigarh and a school in Hyderabad to run a selection workshop when I am there next, but am afraid the logistics of sending the stuff there will make it a little difficult to pull off in both these cities. Hyd is too close to Bangalore and not much of our business comes from there. Chandigarh is close to Delhi, but infrastructure wise not connected enough. What are your thoughts?

Sixth, we added two more products to the portfolio – greeting cards in braille and Esha Tactile maps. With a small change, i hve made these maps such that both blind and hearing impaired can use the same map. Tell me, how can i create a market for these maps – they instantly make a building accessible to a disabled visitor, but no one seems to have heard of them! 😦

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