A New Esha Project

Ok, i cannot resist this project. Have been thinking of this for a while. Next time you are reading a book, and its not copyrighted, can you please read it out aloud and record it? In digital format? I am trying to create a digital library that is freely downloadable. A la Project Gutenberg, but with an Indian diction. Only one thing  – when reading for the blind, please read a little slower than usual.

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4 Responses to A New Esha Project

  1. Deepak says:

    ya, m agree with you. by this way we can collect voice-books. i have some speech-synthesizer software, i`ll share with you later !

  2. Sidhusaaheb says:

    Free recording software is available for download at http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ 🙂

  3. Mampi says:

    WOW, this would be some project. I would love to lend my voice to many texts. Count me in.

  4. Shweta says:

    Good idea ! count me in, I would like to lend help on this.

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