Indian Railways in Braille

Have you ever travelled on Indian Rail? Have you tried to find your berth with your eyes closed? Now, you will be able to. Because, someone in the Railways, has done a very sweet, very small thing that makes a world of difference to the blind.

Sangeeta, my friend, traveled to Coimbatore (Ernakulam Express) and found Braille labels for berth nos. Here is proof:

Notice those yellow bands? That’s Braille… and did i tell u its absolutely atrocious to try and insert a pic into a post on wordpress.. i KNEW wordpress was a mistake!

Anyhoo.. here is the second pic:


Image Courtesy: Sangeeta Banerjee of here.

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2 Responses to Indian Railways in Braille

  1. Deepak says:

    wow, good starting it is! but it seems this is not the right place for Braille labels due to its height.

  2. san says:

    hi deepak.. guess the angle at which the shot is taken is misleading (photographer took it while seated).
    the position of the braille patch is actually just right.. one can feel it even at night when the middle berth is occupied, without alarming the sleeping passenger..

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