2.5 pages of Esha Search Results!

For Esha, i devote quite some time to our search engine optimisation, and rank that activity pretty high on our priority list. Simply because Braille enabled visiting cards is a service for which you are not likely to pick up your local yellow pages and look for a vendor. You are, however, likely to turn to the internet and search. Which is why its important for us to be up there in search results. The other reason is that there is no money to spend on Adwords.

So, today, imagine my delight when i found that on searching for “braille visiting cards india” or “braille visiting cards in india” or “brailled visiting cards” or “braille enabled visiting cards” , i found the first 2.5 pages of search results referring EXCLUSIVELY to us – to the Esha website (www.braillecards.org), to the Esha blog (here), other blogs about Esha, press stories, other websites that have linked to us, and some clients who have mentioned their experience with us on the internet!

Thank you, to everyone of you who has helped create such a strong presence for Esha online.

This is BIG day at Esha. I have been working towards it for almost 2.5 years! 🙂

One more time, Thank you!

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2 Responses to 2.5 pages of Esha Search Results!

  1. Congratulations!!!
    This is amazing information for me, I did not know about braille visiting cards!

    Best wishes for many more successes to you!

  2. Shankari says:

    I just hopped onto this blog from Art’s. You are doing some amazing work! Keep it up and best wishes for the future.

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