On sensitising a child..

I wrote some time ago about sensitising a child to the fact that i work with the blind. The route i’d chosen was to explain to him that i work with people who are able to work unhindred in the dark. Not the lack of an ability, but the acquisition of a skill.

In the same vein, i have now started teaching him small things about working in the dark. When he was young, he could easily navigate the house without fear and without stumbling. Now, he is afraid of the dark when the power goes at night, and also cannot navigate as easily. So after the tactile book, i now talk to him about not being afraid to do whatever he is doing, even if it is dark.

I started teaching him how to measure his steps around the house, so he knows that the distance of the corridor is 12 adult steps and 16 baby steps. The distance to the bathroom door is about 10 adult steps and 13 baby steps. he loves the new experiment and game.

Next, i will teach him to listen where he cannot see.

Its going well so far. If you have been looking for ways to sensitise your children at home , please follow this series of posts. I promise it will be fun! 🙂

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5 Responses to On sensitising a child..

  1. Mampi says:

    I would now sensitize my own kids too.
    Given that bijli nahi rehti, it would be far easier to handle that.
    But thanks, this post comes in time for me to awake to the problem.

  2. adee says:

    u made me think beyond sight
    d fact that one is not afraid of d dark wen s/he is a child…it grows later…

  3. Deepak says:

    good work to do , i think i should also do same practice 🙂
    Thanks for sharing !

  4. Dr Abhishek Nanda says:

    That’s an amazing way of sensitizing people…

    I especially admire the phrase “Not the lack of an ability, but the acquisition of a skill”…
    A wonderful idea to make one empathize with the world of those who cannot see…..!

  5. Himanshu says:

    I would love to know about it and pick up these skills myself. I am also interested to take up some social activity in this area. Please let me know where you are located and if I can help in someway.

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