Advice solicited

I have always believed that Esha is not a model that can have many beneficiaries – simply because of the long term gestation period of each beneficiary, and the high targets of income for each beneficiary before we move on to the next.

Over the last week, however, i have come across a way by which we CAN spread.. and way beyond the “few beneficiries” model.

This post is about the replication of the Esha effect across people and geographies.

All we need to do, is to use each beneficiary as a neural incubator in turn. Meaning, that each beneficiary will in turn, train other beneficiaries, one by one, to become entrepreneurs like him/her.

This means that the promotional material for our services, which is at the moment standardised and centralised, will be shared across beneficiaries. We will provide logistical support, sales support and mentoring, but the onus of marketing and inventing locally relevant services, will also be on the beneficiaries much sooner than it is now.

I am sure of there being a demand for our products – most notably, the theater workshop and the Braille cards. What do you think of creating a neural network of Esha beneficiaries? Do tell..

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