Learning English for the blind

For a long long time, one has met blind students who feel that their employability is severely impacted by their inability to learn English. This is more pronounced up north, predictably. A lot of them have requested that Rapidex english speaking course be made available to them.

Now, finally, i have come across a product on ebay that just might be the thing they are looking for. At INR 50 plus 30 for delivery anywhere in india, this product is well within the range of a blind person, and yet appears to be promising.

I have not tried the product though, but it appears to be promising. The link to the seller is here:

If any of you tries this product out, please do let me know, so we can post feedback about this here for other ppl.

I am not associated with the seller in any way and will make no money 😉 as usual.

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