I always knew about Project Gutenberg – here. .

But the audio books there were, imho, not quite right for the blind in India. Until today, when one stumbled upon librivox! Librivox is a central repository where people can record books that are in the public domain, and then publish them for general consumption. This is the same thing as the Esha book reading project that i’d mentioned earlier.

Imagine what it would do for blind people around the world if they could just download these free books and hear them! Imagine the difference it would make!

Librivox is here.
If you have considered volunteering for Esha, pls volunteer here. The best thing is that they let u record in any language, and we have so many books in the public domain just waiting to be read – can you imagine growing up without reading Akbar Birbal, or Tenalirama? The blind have to do that.

Please, please read and record at Then, just so we can reach the relevant audience, please let me know and i will post a link here to the books/chapters.

If you have never recorded before, you could start with small poems or stories and watch your confidence build.

Update on 11.11.2010: We have now created a central place from where you can access audio books (more in Indian languages than not) available across websites, at a single place – Click here to go to the CLABIL page.

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