Latest feedback on Braille enabled visiting cards

I was so delighted with the cards that I was initially torn between keeping the braille visiting cards for myself and giving them to people. Eventually I decided to give my braille visiting cards to special people whom I liked!

It was nice to see the interest, recognition and appreciation in people’s eyes as they received the visiting card and felt the braille lettering in their hands. Many people knew about braille, many did not, and many asked questions about braille visiting cards, how to get it done, etc.

Most people were quite incredulous about the fact that the cards would be picked up and returned to your home / office with braille lettering done.

I hope that Esha Braille Press got many more customers.

I also have an ingrained dislike of distributing visiting cards – there is something quite weird about the action itself – and I usually offer my visiting card only when someone has already given me theirs. The braille cards somehow got rid of this feeling and dislike – perhaps this means that the braille transformed the card from being a visiting card to something more, like a message, or something to share with others, which made it enjoyable and meangingful!

I also started thinking of how we would design our next lot of visiting cards with enough blank space so that the braille lettering would not overlap with the printed matter.

Most of all, the braille visiting cards are great as they allow me to say to whoever I hand it over to, that “I believe in this, and I support this, and I wish you would too” — without actually saying those words, and if one tried to say the same thing in words, especially in the first five minutes that you mean someone, it sometimes can end up not sounding quite right.

– Tanya Mahajan

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