Presenting Nautanki Inc.

I was in the process of designing participation certificates for Theater Workshop Participants.

And then realised that we need a name for the workshop. Just putting “Theater Workshop” on the certificate is sooo boring.

The interim name is Nautanki Inc. Please think of some others and post comments..

The ones i already considered are:
1. Nautanki Company – Too generic.
2. Jatra – Jatra is the folk theater of Bengal, and i wanted a folk theater connect because that is what this is. Then had to abandon Jatra because the public awareness of this being a kind of folk theater, is not so high.
3. Chhau – Chhau is a sort of dance form from the eastern part of the country. Again, not many ppl will know abt it and the brand connect will be lost.

We need 2 names – one for the adult version, and a similar name for the children’s version. Like, Nautanki Public School for the kids version and Nautanki Inc for the adults version. Children will not understand the inc. connection so much.

Please post comments.

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