Esha Summer Project for Children

Esha is running a summer project with children 8 years and above.

All you need to do is to find half an hour every day through the summers to record books for blind children. That simple. If you can read an Indian language, please do record in the Indian language. For the simple reason that most blind children in this country do not know English that well, and we do not have audio books in languages that they understand. has audio books in English, but we have nothing for Indian vernacular books.

What you need:
1. A voice recorder OR a laptop with a mic.
2. 30 minutes a day. (or less, or more. Just everyday)
Note: If you are using a laptop, it will help to install Audacity. Its freeware and is very flexible and easy to use. Free download for this software is available here:

What you can record:
1.Any book that is not under copyright. Some examples are – Akbar Birbal, Tenalirama or any other Indian folk tale. Panchatantra, Hitopadesha, Jatak Kathayein, etc.
2. Any wiki article since that is in public domain.
3. Any item from the following blogs (we have permission to record content from these blogs) , or from your own blog, or any blog for which you have permission to record: – any poem from this blog can be recorded. (ONLY poems please) – Elementary, my dear Watson 🙂

How to record
1. Read the book a little slower than usual, that’s all. No special voice modulation etc is required.
2. If reading out stories or poems, it helps to save each unit as a separate file.

How to send it to Esha
Once you have saved the file, please email it to That simple. If you’d like to get a tip from Esha on what to record, please send us an email and we’ll be happy to help.

Note: If your child is under 8 years of age, you might want to try this from the Esha blog:

Updated on 11.11.2010: You’ll be happy to know that we now have the Audio Books library, across ALL websites at one place. Hop over to search for some really nice audio books.

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9 Responses to Esha Summer Project for Children

  1. Param Kaur says:

    Hi Nidhi, Iwas already doing this for another foundation, would love to take it up for Esha.Regds Param

  2. Om Veer Singh says:

    Hi I am Om Veer, I Love this. I would do it for Esha.

  3. Great Idea ! I would like to ‘ read ‘ for ALL my little friends – handicapped or not. Story-telling and Listening is getting scarcer by the day. Let me ‘ give ‘ what I did not ‘ recieve ‘ in my childhood.

  4. Shweta says:

    Excellent… you will be hearing from me too..

  5. Sachmanik Singh Cheema says:

    I Think this is a innovative idea to help our little friends.I would also like to help them.


  6. Naresh Chauhan says:

    Its is very nice… I was not knowing..Thanks Sir.. I would like to help foe our little angles…I will read good story books.

  7. avishkar Prakash says:

    Great idea and workable for sure. I am sure there’ll be many who will be able to volunteer for this cause. Wish you all the luck.

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