More places for Audio Books

This summer, I am obsessed with making audio books available for the blind in India and elsewhere.

Today, i was looking for sources of public domain books that can be recorded as a part of the summer project, and came upon this site that has some wonderful audio books already:

The accent is really nice, and most people should be able to understand all the content.

The next post will be on all the cool public domain content that we can read out for free!

Isn’t life awesome?!

PS: AND, if you want to record in Hindi (that would be awesome), then please use this link for public domain free download content:

AND, for public domain content in Punjabi, go here:

Do you know of any other site that has public domain content that we can convert to audio?

Update on 11.11.2010: For a really big, and searchable list of audio books on the web, check out the CLABIL project page – Here.

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