And what have we been up to?

Oh, lots. As usual. So much that i have had little time to blog.

First, the Esha Presentation was updated on the online authorstream today. The earlier presentation was very dated and did not count the other clients and products we have added in the interim. Do see the new presentation here:

Then, started a Wiki page for Esha. Need tonnes of help with that. If you have the time, we have the work!

Third, need a few good pictures of Esha Theater Workshops for some press stories. Need help in that too.

Fourth.. we now have a name for the Esha Theater Workshop. Its called 9Tanki for the children’s version and Staged Encounters for the .. ahem.. older than 18 year olds. How do you like the names? Another name that i loved was Hide and Seek.. what do you think of that one?

Fifth, the website is being revised again.. phew!!

Sixth, we got a poster for Esha’s activities. It looks like this:

Theater Workshops

Come Have Fun!

AND.. am about to share a major piece of good news with you soon.. maybe as early as tomorrow.. or now!

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3 Responses to And what have we been up to?

  1. Himanshu says:

    Check this link HERE .

    If you haven’t seen this as yet, let me know and I shall get you a copy of the disk I have.

  2. Esha says:

    u mean if i havent seen Sparsh yet? 🙂 That movie is my whole inspiration!

  3. artnavy says:

    LOVE the name 9tanki and when is it coming to blore? tell me what we can do on the audio books…ii can read as well?

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