Where to find even more audio books for the blind.

…..sooooo, i was on a totally different search for Esha today, when, what does one stumble upon? THE MOST AWESOME THING!
As you do know, i have been working towards making an audio library freely downloadable for the blind on our website. (www.braillecards.org) . Today, i found another place that has exactly the same objective – to make books directly available to the blind.

AND they have an audio library in place already… !

so while i establish contact to link to each other’s library on the net… do go and chk out the awesome collection they have available… http://www.mitrajyothi.org/library

And.. there are some very sensible volunteering opportunities too:

And if anyone is still listening… i think that this website : http://www.mitrajyothi.org/ should be an example of what a website should look like – light, easy to load, information in clear categories and easy to find… not to mention.. am very excited about the work being done anyway!

Oh, and one more awesome blog that i found.. in the same catoegory, doing similar work:

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One Response to Where to find even more audio books for the blind.

  1. shweta says:

    yeah nice one..

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