How to Order Braille Cards from Esha

Ordering braille cards from Esha is very simple.

1. Please courier your cards to :
C/o Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled
#11, Villa Suchita, I cross, 17th ‘A’ Main,
J.P.Nagar II Phase, Behind Giri Apartments,
– 560 078.
Mobile: 94498 64787

2. There are 3 formats for braille cards:
A. Just your name in braille
B. Your name and name of orgn
C. Your name, orgn name and one contact information. Usu. the phone no.
Depending on what will look good on your card, our professional will make your cards accordingly. If you have a preference, pls write that in the cover note with cards.

3. If the cards at which the cards should be sent is different from the address on the cards, please indicate that also.

4. Thats all. The cards will be done and sent back to you. An invoice is also sent.

5. If you like what you see, make payment directly to the account information on the invoice. We also accept DDs. If you dont like your cards, you do not have to pay anything. But please let us know what we should improve. Your feedback is crucial to our survival.

6. If you did like the experience, please please share your feedback with us either thru email ( or on the website ( or here on the blog 🙂

Thats all there is to it! 🙂

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