The Esha Read Fest

The nice organisation that i work with.. was looking for volunteering opportunities for its employees. I was looking for volunteers for the CLABIL project.

And so it was.. one hour of recording for the volunteering employees… and what an awesome response!! Everyone wanted to record, and we ran out of meeting rooms( the meeting rooms were doubling up as recording studios for the event) .. we created over 30 files of content in 5 different languages!! With promise of more to come as employees said that they will record in their mother tongue from home and give us the files… how cool is that??!!

AND.. we had the extend the event to the whole day.. we booked all avaialable time on the meeting rooms.. and as i write this.. 2.5 hours after the scheduled “end” of the event, people are still recording.. 🙂

Yes, this is my lucky day.

And in the process, we realised that this is a simple event model that can be replicated anywhere.. we just created a replicable event!

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3 Responses to The Esha Read Fest

  1. adee says:

    and best of luck 🙂

  2. sanban14 says:

    That’s fantastic! Kudos to Esha!

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