I am a genius!!!

I used to see all those amazing videos and story telling sessions on Youtube, and wonder how we will be able to make all these reach those who live in blind schools with no access to the internet. Think of the difference it will make to the lives of those children!

And then, out of the blue, i decided to try out an experiment. I played a Youtube video of Tenalirama and used the record option of audacity at the same time. Standard laptop speakers. And guess what? we have a winner!!!

Then, i read the copyright page of Youtube VERY carefully. All videos uploaded there are free for all to use and reuse. Yahoo! dance in progress.. do not disturb!

Go ahead,do it.. imagine the kind of library that can be created across languages with this one.. Blind schools are about 10 light years away from giving all children access to the internet, and youtube is not particularly screen reader friendly as a site.

All you have to do is to download Audacity and then search Youtube. Some nice phrases that you can use are “Tenalirama Telugu” or “Tenalirama Hindi” etc.

And then, record!

Also, please download the dll file for converting to mp3. Once that is done, please upload the mp3 file as a google doc, share with all (public) and email me the link. We have been using this arrangement beautifully so far.

Sample this:

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