we crossed 100 audio files!!!

On May 14, i wrote this post about recording audio books for the blind as a summer thing :


On July 23, the thoughts crystallised into a more concrete CLABIL Project, and we asked for help to create more and more audio books for all the print disabled :


On August 13th, we had the first Esha Read Fest:


And today, it is with pleasure and pride that we announce that we have more than 100 audio files for the CLABIL Project.

This, if anything, is proof that if everyone makes a small effort, big results can and will be achieved.
To those of you who gave of your time, and involvement, Thank you, though am sure the experience has left you richer too…

To those of you who want to do something now, its really, really simple. Install Audacity, take a 5 minute break, record, save project. Go back to work. Some time later, take another 5 minute break, record, save project. Go back to work.

To know how to record, read the first link.

What we are looking for now:
1. Jatak Kathayein
2. Katha Sarit Sagar
3. Premchand
4. Tagore
5. Any other book / childrens story / poem in any other Indian language.
6. Geeta Saar in any Indian language.

If there is something else in your mind, just write to us at eshabraille@wordpress.com

The complete list of books will be updated with links on the website soon (latest by Sunday, Sep 5)

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