Looking for a (paid) volunteer

Hi.. Esha is looking for a paid volunteer to help with the day administration of Esha.

The thing is, that we are growing at a really fast pace, and since i do Esha work at night, a lot of follow up and work that can only happen during the day, gets not done. This slows down our growth in a big, big way..

The ideal person would be a mom who is based out of Gurgaon and would like to work from home when the kids are at school. If you know anyone who would like to join hands, just let us know..

Of course, we could pay if the person wants it that way, but the salary is not likely to be anywhere close to the software salaries… it will come out of my personal resources, there is still no funding for Esha…

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5 Responses to Looking for a (paid) volunteer

  1. Laxmi Mahesh says:


    I am interested in taking up this work. But I am based out of Mumbai and am working presently.
    But I would like to do something for this wonderful initiative that you have taken up.

    Laxmi Mahesh

  2. Garima Singh says:

    Yes, I would be interested, but I will be more sure if you could tell me (a) the nature of the work very clearly and specifically; (b) the skills required– my doubt relates mostly to braille, does one need to know it?

    You must too know that (a) I am a mum, based at Amritsar; (b) my one and a half year old is at home full-time, so I will be able to devote only 2-3 hrs in the daytime for Esha.

    Let me know if this can be taken further… would be glad to join in. Thanks, and Regards,

    • Esha says:

      Hi Garima : To answer your specific query, no, Braille is not required for this work. This is office work that i wld have done from the Esha office – following up with people, record keeping etc. (all records are electronic. no paper)

      At this time, my son is not well and i m completely out of circulation till he is a little better..

  3. Garima Singh says:

    So, would some help , which, as I said would be 2-3 daily, count? I don’t have a broadband at home; use a datacard, so would neither be as much online nor as much e-prompt as one can be with broadband.

  4. Esha says:

    Hi Garima.. this is all the help i m looking for! Some emails and mostly phone. I cant c ur email id by clicking on ur name.. can u pls share ur co-ordinates at eshabraille@gmail.com or call us at 99995 62685.. thanks!

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