Esha makes it to the SAP Wall of Fame!

Receiving the citation from Mr. Sanjiv Menezes, Gurgaon Center Head

In April this year, Esha made it to the Wall of Fame at SAP Global Delivery. This honour is reserved for 2 individuals and one team for a year. I was honored and humbled beyond belief.

This is what the Citation says:
Nidhi Arora is raised to the Wall of Fame for her personal commitment to an important social cause — helping the visually
impaired earn a living with dignity and transforming their lives. In January 2005, Nidhi established Esha, a
non-government organization that works to provide equal opportunities, empowerment and employment
for the visually impaired.

Esha devises innovative ways of sustainable livelihood for the visually challenged. Nidhi’s flagship project of
manufacturing Braille visiting cards has created a great business model that makes economical self-reliance a
reality for the visually impaired. The project has also created awareness among people with vision. This
business model enables a visually impaired person, working a normal 40-hour week, to earn a monthly
income anywhere between Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000. Esha also conducts accessibility audits to help corporate and
educational institutions make their spaces accessible to the visually-challenged. These audits are organized
by Esha’s trained visually impaired professionals.

SAP Global Delivery applauds Nidhi Arora for captaining her organization with the strength of her
personality and her core values, and for championing a cause that needs more people with vision.

Why did i take so long to write about this and announce the biggest award yet for Esha? Well, i m stupid. DUH. And more than anything else, i was overwhelmed. 🙂

Thank you!

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