On Braille and Brailler literacy

Over the last year, i have been concerned as i met more and more blind people who did not know braille and / or the brailler. Quite surprised, i asked them, then how do you manage? Their replies are very interesting – we hear the text books from the readers , braille text books are anyway not available. There was no need to learn the brailler, though we are quite good with the slate.

When i started working with the blind, way back in 1994, braille was my one connect with them. The minute they knew that i knew braille, they would open up. It was as if i had a key to their world. Today, while I am working very hard for the CLABIL project, and trying to make audio books even more accessible to them, it is equally true that i think that this, by itself, should not mean the demise of braille literacy or even brailler literacy. They are not mutually exclusive – in fact, they are VERY complementary. And they should be. Which is why, some of the audio books are also about learning braille. 🙂

Here are a few other posts one encountered today.


And this one: that i m really waiting to hear more of:

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