Who all can benefit from the CLABIL Project, and how..

The blind children :
 Access to audio books in the blind person’s hand. They can use mobile phones with SD card compatibility, cheap mp3 players etc.
 Audio books available on small SD cards – a technology that is set to become cheaper and allows us to pack more content in a small physical space.
 No limit to the school library only. Can access and download files using the rationed computer time and then can listen to them at their convenience. Once the habit is created, they will be able to download and listen to files from other sites as well.
 No dependence on a screen reader or computer / internet. Limited rationed time can be used very fruitfully.
 Early intervention program with content created with special focus on young children, so that they are able to get interested in books at the right age.

Older People who lose sight as they age:
 Easily available audio books makes it possible for the elderly to at least stay in touch with some of their favorite authors.
 We have compiled a list of places where audio books can be downloaded for free. Some of these are more suited to the elderly (e.g., Osho and other discourses)
 Mobile downloads ensure that even those who are not internet savvy can get the content on their mobile phones. Right now, this is not being planned as a free service, but we are still working on this part of the model.

Children in rural /semi urban areas:
 We have a small mp3player with a 5-7 V output that can be used at village schools to tell these audio stories to children. They get access to material that otherwise would be difficult.
 There is no need for story tellers to travel physically .
 The stories can be used across the country and zero marginal cost of distribution. The only cost is the isp cost to download the stories.
 The content can be refreshed often.
 The content can also be shared with the adults, who are print disabled.
 As mobile phone penetration in the rural areas increases, so will our reach with this content.

Children of Indian Origin who cannot read Indian languages
 As soon as the literature is available in Audio, it opens a new window to familiarize these children (and adults) with the rich literary tradition of the chosen language. A lot of Indian children have not read the entire Tenalirama, Akbar Birbal, Panchatantra, Hitopadesha, Katha Sarit Sagar, Jataka Tales, Vikram BEtaal, Simhasan Battisi etc. India has a very rich literary tradition that is waiting to be explored by a generation that is not familiar with Indian scripts.

Environmental Impact
As soon as we change to an online format, the entire physical effort in transport of products that are essentially digital, is removed completely. It takes a very little internet time to download and reuse digital files.

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