EVEN More places to get audio books for free..

Yes! Yes! yes!!! This is proof that Google God is not always omniscient. There are surprises yet on the internet.

Sit back, keep that mouse handy, and click after click to be more and more pleasantly surprised at whats available online.. Jai Ho! I am most pleased with today’s finds..

Today’s rocking link is this – someone has gone through the trouble of compiling ALL the links for free audio books that are there.. and God knows this is an incredible list. here goes:


this post has an incredible 192 comments – each leading to even more sites!

And this is treasure trove no. 2:

And this is where you will see some great Premchand Stories:

And this is their entire audio collection:

Here is more stories:

Osho discourses for free in audio:

And last, but NOT the least:
http://www.learnoutloud.com/Free-Audio-Video – All free!!!

I am proud of self!!

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