One more pearl found on the internet.. aka

Have you ever wondered what it would be like for someone to show you things the way you really see them – through touch? How would it be if someone went on tours and described those lovely tours to you in your own terms – in terms of touch and sound?

Here then, is the answer (Internet Maharaj ki Jai ho!) – there is a person out there, who understands the importance of this translation. He is a blind person who travels all over and his travelogues are created for the blind.. trust me, it is a pleasure to hear him..and a privilege to be able to hear such minute detailed description of things we take for granted.. trust me, sighted or not, you want to hear this person once.. he is very, very good.

Of course, this is covered under the CLABIL Project, and all podcasts are available for free download. 🙂

I love the world.. and the Do Gooders who scatter their good deeds for others to pick up and benefit from..

PS: To see our complete list of audio books at one place, go to

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