More feedback on Esha Theater Workshop (Staged Encounters)

This feedback is almost a year old.. and i really thought it was on the blog already.. cant imagine how THIS one was missed!!

Here it is – Manoj Warrier- Vice President, Transformations, DBOI:

Esha Foundation conducted a sensitization program for the CSR team in DBOI using the Theatre technique. This involved the team acting out situations in which one of them was blind. The experience of going through an entire day’s routine by being blind was quite literally eye-opening (pun intended). We met Chandrasekhar, the coordinator for the Bangalore chapter of Esha. We were quite amazed to hear that he is an accomplished sportsman in his field and would be the trainer for these sensitization sessions in the future. He was a volunteer in organizing the Paralympics in Banglaore. He ‘Braille-enabled’ some of our visiting cards, thus helping us take our first steps in making our worlds a bit more inclusive. At the end of the session, we came away appreciating the limitations of a visually challenged person in dealing with the challenges of every day living in a world created for people with sight.

Thank you!!

Btw, this was one of our most hilarious workshops.. all of us just couldnt stop laughing!!

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