A BIG announcement AND 2 more links to Esha

Today, i found 2 more links to the Esha website.. (yes, every single new link makes my day.. did you ever doubt that? )

There are the 2 links that point to Esha (and sent us traffic too!) :


And now for the BIG announcement:
If you are outside India, and want to get your cards braille enabled, we can now do it for you, at a cost that will make your eyes open REALLY wide. Why? because, we finally have a tie up for digital printing!

SOO, we provide this end to end solution where your cards will be digitally printed, then braille enabled and then shipped to you.. at a fraction of the cost.

Right now, our chipping costs make shipping to Japan, US, Canada, and the rest of the Americas.. a little, cost inefficient.. but we are working towards getting a logistics partner at a competitive price soon. We CAN ship, and its reliable.. but its still expensive..

For all other places across the world, the shipping partners are in place, and the only missing gap was the printer.. now we have that too!

Sooo… feel free to talk to your NRI friends in Singapore, HK, Middle East.. anywhere at all.. yes, even China.. we do it cheaper, and we do it better 🙂

Here is a Cheers! to that.

PS: As usual, if you came looking for free audio downloads, please look up our exhaustive audio books library at www.braillecards.org/audio.htm.

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