Network Administration Course by CISCO for the Visually disabled

Inclusive Planet is a wonderful place. I am yet to go there and come back without having learnt anything new and fantastic.

Today, for instance, i found out that CISCO has courses in network administration. Here is the post in the exact words of Iain Murray, a planeteer:

If anyone is considering a career in network administration, I would like to point out that the Cisco Academy courses (see for the program details) are available specifically tailored for delivery to blind and vision impaired students. Information on the specific courses are available on and most of the material, including recordings of lectures is available on Unfortunately we can’t give full access to the curriculum as that belongs to Cisco and people must enrol to gain access. If you have read this far you probably want to know how its run and what does it cost. Everything is run on line, including laboratory sessions with real routers and switches, tutorials, lectures and some pracs are also conducted on line with other students and instructors in real time (btw, all our instructors are blind or vision impaired) Cost varies, depending on your country of residence, up to a maximum of $150 US per course/semester. Those in less developed countries (eg India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh etc) qualify for a full fee waiver. Any student that is unable to afford the fee may also request a fee waiver as we will not reject anyone just because they cannot afford it. However we are a volunteer group and need funds to keep things running. So if you or anyone else would like to study for their CCNA or A+ certification let me know. Email address for enquiries is on the ciscovision site.

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