500 files on the CLABIL project site..

Yes!!!! Today, we completed over 500 files as part of the CLABIL Project!

And there is more good news.

if you search for Premchand Audio hindi stories, this blog is the first search result. Not surprising, considering we have 66 Premchand stories with us across all websites!

A search for Amrita Pritam audio stories also leads to Esha as the FIRST search result (go on, try it) …

More and more of you have been coming here for free audio content. We do hope that at least some of it is going to print disabled people. If you arent doing that already, please do your bit. take this content to a blind school or government school near you. Let the kids hear it!

Oh, and the CALBIL site, its keyword search enabled. Which means, if you search for “stories” you will get all the stories in our collection, even if the word “stories” does not appear in the title. Keywords are manually maintained though, so you may want to add some keywords to some entries.. please do post a comment if you come across something..

Go on, check out the site.. you’ll be happy!!


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