Free Audio Books – A L Basham’s The Wonder that was India

A L Basham, through the still best selling book, The Wonder that was India, has done more for the Indophile than anyone ever before or since (arguably, of course). His book remains, to this day, among the best books on Indian history – presenting the entire journey from the Harappan culture to modern history. The narrative is succint and yet, gripping.

We have just launched an ambitious project to bring to you, as much as is possible of the wonder that this book is. Presenting, the first recordings of AL Basham’s The Wonder that was India…

Chapter 1 – part 1
Chapter 1 – part 2
Chapter 2 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – The First Villages
Chapter 2 – The Harappa City Culture – Page 14 – 17

If you are a sighted person, and if you have enjoyed these audio recordings, think of the difference it would make to a blind child to be able to study Indian history (it IS a luxury for them, really is. there are no books.)

Please spend just 5 minutes reading from this book, and send us the google doc link to the file. Thats all. Or, just get in touch at

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13 Responses to Free Audio Books – A L Basham’s The Wonder that was India

  1. SuperTramP says:

    any progress on this front?

  2. Esha says:

    Hi Supertramp: Yes, Aparajita is recording more Basham.. 🙂 Would u like to do some recording? we have loads of stuff we need help with..


    बहुत अच्छा। अति उत्तम। जल्दी पूरा कीजिए।
    -हीरालाल करनावट

  4. Dr Ravinder Singh says:

    Nice work.

  5. ela says:

    its nice please complete it fast

  6. pradeepkumarkoyi says:

    good work complete it yaar

  7. abhishek says:

    complete it asap , if possible

  8. Esha says:

    Hello all: this book is now completed and available online at As you are aware, the book is free and downloadable only for the visually challenged. We will be violating the Copyright Act if we download it for someone who is not visually challenged. Thank you for understanding!

    • aditya jala says:

      hello mam i m preparing for upsc and some of my friend suggest this book for culture of india and while searching over internet i found this blog of audio book could you send me more link

  9. Its amazing what you guys are doing thanks for doing it . It takes a lot of spirit to do this .

  10. arun says:

    very good work sir/madam. i am looking for complete book pf A L BASHYAM

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