Do your good deed of the Month.. please!

Today, do your good deed for the month.. we really need your help…

1. Find a blind school near you.
2. Make a visit – ask the children what they want to hear in audio books. Choose only 5-6 enthu bachchas. (interested children)
3. Order online, a set of mp3 players and micro SD cards. (Or ask us, and we will tell you where to get them cheapest)
4. Use your computer to download files from our central library into the SD cards.
5. Distribute their audio book libraries to the children in the blind school.
6. Go back in a month to see if they have heard everything they had asked for. If they have, ask them what else they want, and if they havent, give the mp3 player and the SD card to another child who might use it.
7. Share the experience and the feedback with us so that we can improve the program for others..

Alone, it will take esha a year or more to reach all the blind schools… with your help, we can reach different parts of the country very quickly. Alone, Esha will need 45 lakhs to cover the country. Together, it is only 2-3 thousand per person. We can afford that much. Go on, do it please..

At the very least, please share this post on your blog, facebook, twitter and among your friends.. you never know who may be looking for their good deed of the month..

When we bring light to others, it has a way of reflecting from our eyes…

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