Differently abled is not a euphemism – its the truth.

Can you tell, with your eyes closed, who has just entered the room, based on the way they walk , or the smell? Even if it is someone who works with you everyday?
Can you tell, without looking, how many steps it is from your dining area to the kitchen?
Can you walk in your office blindfolded?
Can you tell, from the voice, always, what the other person is really feeling? (Think what that skill would do to the success of teleconferences)
Can you cook with both hands bcs you know how it is cooking from the smell and dont need to look?
Sitting in a bus, can you tell, automatically, while reading a book, that your stop has come?
Can you sit in your room, doors closed, and tell what is happening in the rest of the house just by listening to the sounds of the house?

Can’t? Ohh… do you suddenly feel disabled? Because you see, the blind can.

And that, my dears, is why “differently abled” is not a euphemism.

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7 Responses to Differently abled is not a euphemism – its the truth.

  1. Nicely written. A perspective in a different, powerful world.

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  3. Lovely and thought-provoking to read, as usual.

  4. Esha says:

    Thank you!! Yes, this post was written with a lot of heart in it.. 🙂

  5. oxybubbles88 says:

    Indeed God is good..when He take away something in a person , HE will replace it with a greater one..he took away the sight of the blinds but He gave them senses which could compensate the loss of their sight…….

  6. anjina says:

    gr8 my seven year old son does all that which i cannot .. one day he told me mom
    why do you stop when light goes , why your work gets hampered when suddenly light switches off , look at me i still continue with my work . I can do every thing donot need light to come to start my work , then i realise who says he is dis abled . it is me who is??????????

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