Today, i found out about some amazing stuff!

Today was the day of discovery!

Here it is then:
1. A changing electronic braille display that allows them to read in braille with no problems.

2. The Bionic eye that allows the blind to see.

3. Drop GPS Device for the blind.

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One Response to Today, i found out about some amazing stuff!

  1. garima says:

    18th 0f February’2011….the most beautiful day of my life!

    I am Garima. I joined Esha, THE place for the blind, 8 days before attending a wonderful ‘round table conference’ at MDI, Gurgaon. This was my first experience in the world of achievers with disabilities…or should I say…’special ablities’ , who have achieved much more than most of us (so called) ‘abled’ people.

    I was inspired by their spirit ; motivated by their commitment ; realized the importance of optimism- from their positive aura’s and smiles full of life 

    Especially when they shared their life stories with us.

    “Dream it. Do it” is the slogan written on Ms. Preeti Monga’s visiting card, Director ‘Silver Linings’. She is fully blind. A wonderful and humble person , a FIGHTER !

    Dr. Jitendra Aggarwal, Mr. Dipendra Manocha…are the blind gentleman who have done miracles in their respective areas. They have worked selflessly towards the needs of the disabled. When I first saw the two of them I could not believe that they can’t see from their eyes. They are so independent , that I was blind to their blindness!! There is so much for me to learn…..

    Mr. Mallikarjuna, Executive Director, Fair trade forum – India.
    A great visionary and thinker. He can’t walk without a clutcher..but he has made so many disabled people walk through the path of their lives with ease…..

    Ms. Sangeeta Robinson, TATA Tele Services, CSR Head…I was mesmerized by her charm and beauty  . She took the challenge…confronted her disability and turned it into her strength. A very humble soul and looked absolutely calm and angelic in her white sari with the golden border!
    Mr. Sunil Sharma, loves to be called Diwaker’s father! He is the proud father of a singing star. One can see the positivity with which he has brought up his children. Diwaker is the cool dude…with a voice that touches the soul! He enjoyed singing the songs as much as we enjoyed listening to him. He is visually impaired. But I guess when god takes one thing away…he leaves something special with us to discover. Diwaker’s parents discovered and encouraged his talent. They have set an example…not only for the disabled but for all the parents who need to encourage their child’s special ability…even if its only ONE such ability!!

    Everyone needs a guardian…a mentor….a guide….
    I was overwhelmed to see so many people sensitive towards the needs of the disabled. There were NGO’S and ORGANISATIONS such as, NAB, SARTHAK, MDI, PIC, SWAYAM, ESHA ,NOIDA DEAF SOCIETY, SAI SWAYAM FOUNDATION, VRC, SILENCE, SAKSHAM TRUST, ENABLING DEMENSIONS, ENABLE INDIA , MANAGEMENT GURU’S,etc. ; CORPORATES , such as, WIPRO, IBM, NETAMBIT, ITC, LEMON TREE HOTELS,etc. ; VOLUNTEERS,FILM MAKERS, Doctors, Govt. officials, such as Ms. Amarjeet Kaur, who made us realize our responsibilities and join hands and work towards a common goal ; and so many more behind the scenes…

    Everyone is joining hands and working towards making the disabled self reliant. And live a life of equality with dignity.
    For the first time I realized that what we should give them is empathy….and not do any favours or sympathise! We don’t need to “help” them survive….we need to give them ‘opportunities’…so that they can prove their ABILITIES and LIVE life the way we do….or the way they would want to…everyone needs a mentor in life…we just have to try and be ‘just’ that!

    I want to thank Nidhi, from Esha…who thought of me worthy enough to attend this life changing experience….and everyone present at the ‘round table conference on employability and inclusion of persons with disablities’.
    Esha is thankful to Ms. Rohini and Mr. Vashisht to have bought the first tactile maze from us  and from here the journey of employment for the rural women begins…
    Esha also wants to thank all of you who have given your visiting cards to enable in Braille…as this brings direct employment for the blind….and keeps their morale high. I shall surely get in touch with you soon…regarding the same.
    Thank you so much for your support and encouragement 

    Thanks everyone for making me realize…the ‘purpose’ of why I am sent on this earth as a HUMAN !! 

    P.S.- A special congratulations for the lovely band of drummers, flutist, vocalists, guitarists and teachers who made the evening even more memorable  !

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