First Esha Distribution of mp3 kits

Listening intently

Listneing intently

Learning to use their mp3 player.

Learning to use their mp3 player.

What will you say if i tell you , that 10 minutes from now, you will take less than 10 seconds to multiply any number by 5 or 11? Yes, less than 10 seconds, and without looking at a paper. But wait.. lets start at the very beginning..

Yesterday, after months of preparation, we finally did what i was dreaming of.. distribution of mp3 kits to the children and seeing if they like it.

Yesterday, Garima and i went to the Behrampur Blind school, where Esha had gathered requirements 2 weeks ago. We handed over the kits to the children. There were squeals of delight as i announced the contents of the 2 GB SD card – Akbar Birbal stories, English Grammar Lessons, Premchand Stories, GK essays, quizzes, Ramayana Stories… the first contribution had 124 files on each card.

First, we taught them how to use the mp3 players. Then, they were encouraged to hear the content for a while. During this time, we filled up the pre questionnaire for our effectiveness analysis later on.

After a while, all the children had finished listening to the first few files. Among them were 2 chapters on speed maths – multiplication by 5 and multiplication by 11. Just for fun, we started asking the children to multiply random numbers.. and wow! All you had to do was finish speaking the number, and you would hear the answer! Yes, that quick. Their teachers , sitting right there, were zapped and asked us what magic we had worked. I can answer that.. the magic is in the kids.

To many, many more such days..

PS: We go back for review next week, and then 2 more reviews before we let them use and refresh the content on their own, and cover another school.

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