The way things happen..

Some 4 days ago was one of those days when one is not sure if what one is doing is right.. late at night.. i asked a question – “Is CLABIL even worth it? ” A friend answered – Look at the pictures you posted some weeks ago of those children listening to books and then answer this question. That answer helped a lot.

We’d been running around for the bank account for almost 2-3 months. The next morning, it was taken care of in 15 minutes. A friend called, asked what is the problem, then he called 15 minutes later and gave me a number. Before the end of the following day, someone had come to take the form, all the papers submitted, and the process is now underway. We will hear form the verification team soon.

Some weeks ago, i was wondering how to arrange money for the kits at the Junta Blind School. Pat in the morning, there is a phone call. A cheque that was lost over a year ago had been found and re-issued. We now had some money for the kits. Just like that.

We needed some help in mixing our audio content so that some of it (where we have the permission), can be used commercially to generate some funds for CLABIL. We’d been looking for more than a few weeks. One day, on a lark, i called up someone on my Linked in connections. He is in the same field. 5 minutes into the conversation, he understood our need , promised to help, and also told us that it will all be free. Before the day ended, i had the first remixed sample. It was awesome and absolutely production quality.

On Tuesday, we went to the Junta School for the blind and did the maze for them. The distribution of the kits happened, but this time we could not stay for one hour to get post listening feedback. That is happening tomorrow. But what one of the boys said after using the tactile maze was very touching “I learn from this that in life, when i hit a wall, all i have to do is to change my approach, and then, i will definitely reach my destination.” – Wisdom from a maze puzzle.

Just now, i saw the template of the CLABIL website – its vibrant, its warm, and its an aesthetic delight. it is done by the volunteer who also designed the main Esha site for free..

So, basically, today is for gratitude.. and for placing on record that Esha is not run by me – it is run by God. My main job here is to suffer the frustrations till He finds a way to miraculously solve things in 15 minutes flat.

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