More Audio Books – Learn English for Marathi medium

This is a very unique series on learning English. It is developed in house by esha, and recorded by volunteers in various languages. Dhanashree has done 4 chapters in Marathi for learning English. The first is on the English Alphabet, and the other three are on the use of articles – A, An, The.

Thank you Dhanashree, for doing it so quickly.. this is just in time for a very good Friend of esha to contribute mp3 players to a blind school in Pune.. 🙂

While we are at it, I would like to announce, for the first time on this blog, that very soon, Esha is coming up with an online portal from where you can pick up the production quality versions of these files for as little as INR 10 per file. The free vanilla files will be only for the visually challenged and the print disabled.

This is because we have a lot of content that we are not able to put up here, because we have permission from authors to convert it to audio only for the benefit of the visually challenged. We would like to make production quality available to all others at a really nominal price.

What’s more, at the online Esha audio store, you will be able to choose your medium too – CD, DVD, pen Drive, SD card, or direct download.

What do you think?

Updated on 31.07.2011: While we are working on the Esha shop, please do visit our ebay listing set in the interim.

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One Response to More Audio Books – Learn English for Marathi medium

  1. Aradhna says:

    Way to go!!!!

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