Janta Rehab Center – Braille Cards workshop

I realise that we have not written about braille cards in a while now.. but that doesnt mean that we are not working on the Esha employment options for the blind.

This Saturday(April 30th, 2011) was spent in a braille cards workshop at the Janta Rehab Center, near Railway station,Gurgaon. This school really does need help.

It was a big relief to finally get some people interested in learning the skill here in Delhi.

3 out of the 4 participantes are completely blind. About 8 ppl showed up for the workshop, which was very heartening, because its VERY hard work and not many ppl clear the tough standards required. Still fewer hve the grit to do this work till it becomes remunerative. But among these boys i saw passion.. determination, grit, and above all, commitment to make it work.

Quiter literally, these boys dont have an option. Last time i met them, i gave them a royal piece of mind about being self reliant. Birsa has a family to support at home. Dhanpal is handsome, but i told him no one is going to pay you to model.
I thought they will never see my face after that. But a couple of weeks later, i got a call from them. “madam, when r u coming?” Coincidentally, i’d called up their co-ordinator half an hour earlier and told him that if i have to pull these boys into the workshop, i will do it, but tell them i m coming this Saturday. 🙂 Turns out they needed no prodding at all.

On Saturday, we did the workshop. They were VERY keen to learn. We had only 2 braillers between us – One of the school and one was mine. 4 ppl cleared the braille test . Then we did the Card Identification Part of the workshop. At the end of this, a blind person can touch a card and tell you, with reasonable accuracy, the up down, front back and left right of the card.

Next, we learnt how to read the sample card and understand it. 5 hours later, i was exhausted. I asked them if they need a break. Unianimously the answer came back “No mam, no break. Lets keep working.” That was my moment of the day! 🙂

For more description etc, pls see the facebook album of Esha

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3 Responses to Janta Rehab Center – Braille Cards workshop

  1. Archita says:


    I am from Gurgaon and keen to know if you have any workshop for the sighted to learn braille.

    I have a really bad eyesight and being a pessimist to an extend – well, there is possibility that 1 day i will go blind… may be at 50 yrs!! yesterday as i was sitting in darkness of my apartment and it dawned to me that its time i should start having a contingency plan!

    Please let me know for any such programmes or even volunteering.


  2. esha says:

    Hi Archita

    pls contact me for learning braille whenever u want. It only takes 5-10 minutes.

  3. Tabish says:

    Hi Esha

    I am based in Gurgaon , An would also like to learn Braille .
    I am not blind or visually challenged , but I would like to pick this skill up so that I can teach it to other’s who would be in need of this skill.
    Please let me know on how to establish communication with you .

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