We Still Need help

As i’d indicated some weeks ago, as many as 4 boys from the Junta Blind School cleared the Braille Enabling of visiting cards workshop. However, the school does not have an operational brailler, and so, the boys cant do anything in spite of being trained.

A Brailler costs only 14,000 rupees. Please contact Mr. Narender at the Junta Blind School – 9911671850 , if you want to make a complete or partial donation towards the brailler.

The Junta Blind School has been run by a family for 2 generations now. It is VERY rare for me to validate an institution instead of the children, so trust me when i say that their work is good, and very real.

Please talk to Mr. Narender directly about making an online transfer into the school’s account for partial or complete contribution towards a brailler. And please, do make a contribution, however small. I have been looking for a Delhi beneficiary for over 3 years now. This is the first time i have finally found enough commitment, and well, because of the high operational expenses at Esha, i am not able to contribute the brailler to boys who really want to work.. 😦

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One Response to We Still Need help

  1. Debdip Chakraborty says:


    It will be great if you can provide the contact details of the school, bank account details for online money trf. through netbanking; along with a brief write up of the activities so that I can forward it my conacts… apart from providing my humble contributions- if possible.
    Plz go ahead and keep us updated and indebted for the great work done by people like you.

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