The fine art of distinctive visiting cards..

I am your visiting card. You hold me lovingly in your hands, you expect respect for me when you hand me out, and you pay respect to the one you get. You design me with care, sometimes paying a lot of money to get the right look. You choose the paper, the printing, and the works – very carefully, doing whatever you can to make the card stand out. The card should communicate your organisation’s identity , it must have the corporate colors, it must say something about your organisation, and about you. It must be nice to look at and must stand out. You do a lot to ensure that that happens.

Then, one day, someone shows you a braille enabled visiting card.

Braille Enabled Visiting Card

Braille Enabled Visiting Card

And you are intrigued by the tiny embossed dots on the card. “What is this?” You ask. The person smiles and tells you “Oh, thats braille, so that everyone can see my card and make sense of it. This also provides employment to the blind. ” You think in your head “Oh wow!’ Outwardly you say, “Nice”. Either way, a connect has been made.

The next set of your cards arrives and you look up the “brailled” card in your visiting cards album, find the person, call him, and after pleasantries, ask where he got his cards brailled. A second connect has just been made.

You send your cards to be braille enabled. There, a blind person holds each card lovingly in his hand. He feels around with his fingers, until he can tell which is the front and back of your card, where there is print and where there is blank space, which it the top and which is the lower part, the left and the right. (Try doing that to your card with your eyes closed btw)

Then, each card is inserted – with care, and precision. One millimeter, and we have lost our placement on the card. Imagine the difficulty of inserting every card to the accuracy of One mm, into a typewriter ( a brailler is a braille typewriter)

With the same precision that defines this very challenging work, every single card is handcrafted – like a swiss watch or a designer dress being made especially for you. All the dots have to be just so, no margin of error. Every single card, over and over again..

Once braille is done on the card, it is checked by the professional for accuracy. And then, your beautiful set of braille enabled cards is shipped to you.

After this, you hand out the cards. They say a lot about your organisation. And about you. And the funny thing is, you get sold, without having to do any selling. You get admiration, and a positive connect. But most of all, your cards stand out. Its always easy to look for the “brailled” card.

Get one today!

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