Its not the money. Its you.

Its not the money. Its you.
As most of you know already, for the longest time, Esha did not accept monetary donations and was not even registered as a Trust. Even now, i am not comfortable taking money for the operational work of Esha.. and we encourage people to contribute mp3 players so that we can use them at blind schools rightaway.

But this post is way more personal than that. This post is about what we really need at Esha.. and why the title is so weird.

You see, we really, really dont care about how much money you have or can give us. All we care about is the involvement , and how much you believe in the work of Esha. For all these years, when people would indicate that they want to contribute to Esha.. i would smile, then ask them to contribute what really counts – their time and talent.. which no money can buy.. and this is how, the Esha logo was designed by Trusha Sawant after one social meeting , the Esha print ads were created by a batch of advertising students whom i have never met.. the presentations of esha and CLABIL were created by Avishkar Prakash, the recording is done by a lot of people around – too many to count, and too important to be individually named, but you know who you are, the website maintenance has been done for a few years by the volunteer who will not be named.. and moral support has come from every single Friend of Esha..

So, if the question is, what do we really need at Esha.. the answer is, your time, and your talent.. your heart before your wallet, and the wallet is optional. We always need help with a lot of stuff that we cannot do ourselves.. and if you can do it, all you have to do is..just do it!
A. Someone to work the emails.. my eyes have a problem and its becoming a challenge to stick to the 24 hours SLA on the esha mailbox.
B. Spreading awareness about Esha and CLABIL and braille cards and theater workshop..
C. We need legal advice- preferably, Corporate Law, on some very specific topics.
D. We need help with printing and packaging the audio books where we have secured permission for commercial reuse to subsidise CLABIL. I have no idea how to do this and feel rather lost.
E. We need some people in the media to run a few Esha ads. The print ads in particular, are brilliant. i just dont know where to run them.

And now for the title and its weirdness – the message, quite simply is this – please be a Friend of Esha.. its not the money that counts. its you.

Photo Courtesy: Prabhakar Lal, a friend of Esha.. 🙂 (Not to mention, an outstanding photographer too)

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