Interns Required

Hi.. the June – October Season is the Read Fest Season.. at schools and colleges. We do our best to cover as many schools as possible.

Obviously, since Esha is a one person show, we need help.. and lots of it! Please pass the word around..

What is a Read Fest
To create content, we do Read Fests at schools, colleges and offices across the country. In a Read Fest, children read out copyright free content in an Indian language of their choice. They can record for as little as 2 minutes each – enough to record 10 quotations. A Read Fest is typically only for one hour, and we end up collecting about 250 – 300 minutes of recording in that one hour (assuming 6 recording rooms and some time wasted due to volunteer transition – one person ending recording and the next person entering to start. )

What we need
Interns who are truly dedicated to working for a social cause and not just looking for CV value. There is a LOT of work, but even greater learning.

The work will involve:
A. Co-ordinating with schools and colleges for conducting Read Fests
B. Desk work like consolidating content, correcting content where required et al.
C. Working with Blind Schools to make sure that the content reaches the intended beneficiaries.
D. Working with mobile phone VAS providers to ensure that we are able to reach children in remote areas who have no other access to reference material.
E. All other work on CLABIL (and there is a lot of it)

What’s in it for you:
A. First hand knowledge of how marketing, sales and distribution happens.
B. First hand experience (and this is rare) of how social entrepreneurs can make money using principles of business management.
C. People Management Skills

Duration of internship
There is no fixed duration. You can continue to be associated with Esha in addition to your school/college, or you can do it for a certain period of time. Your certificate will be made accordingly.

How to Join
Just drop a note to

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