Someday, when we have enough money for an office of Esha, and when i have a formal desk, i hope to have a small spiral binding calendar of sorts. On my prayer desk at home, is one such binder that sits like a desktop calendar. it has one thought a day for mothers. I want a similar thing for the Esha desk one day – in ALL BRAILLE. i want every morning to start with a good thought of the day. I want everyone who visits our office to see that desktop binder and know what it is to have something in your hands, and to be able to make no sense of it, and therefore, not be able to use any of its power.

Long ago, when we started talking about braille cards, the esha visiting cards were all braille. I would hand them out and then wait for the receiver to be fuddled. They could make no sense of it. I would smile, then say “I could have easily written just my name and number in print, and it would be so easy for you. And yet, i didnt. You could just have your name and phone no. in braille on your card, and make it meaningful for 15 million Indians. And yet, you didn’t.”

Today, we dont have to do that at all. People understand the importance of braille cards.Friends of esha have been with us for years, and they vouch for the impact braille enabled cards have for them.. but the image endures.. and the general metaphor still holds true.. there are so many small things that we can do to make it an inclusive world, and yet, we dont.

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