When should we hear audio books?

You have a long commute – 1 hour every day. Or two.
You are in the office cab, or in your own car.
In any metro, this is a very familiar life.
What do you do, for those 2-4 hours of commute?
These are 2 hours of your life everyday.. more time than you spend on all your 3 meals.. why should it go to waste?

Radio is one of the ways to kill this time. But my question is, why should this time be killed? Why should this time not be harvested to get fantastic value out of it?

• Love poetry but havent read it for ages? Buy an audio book of poetry and play it.
• Want to catch up on the latest professional books but no time? Play them in audio during your commute.
• Love quizzing but havent done it for ages? Just buy an audio book of quizzes and play as you drive.
• Your kid told you to get some info on her homework project, and you dont want to spend time on the net after a long drive? Great. PIck up some GK audio books and just play the right one as you go. By the time you get home, the facts will be in your head!

If your card has a stereo that plays CDs, get audio CDs. If it runs on SD card get SD card. If it has a bluetooth speaker, load the SD card on your phone and connect to speakers. If it runs on a USB stick, get your book on a USB stick.

Yes, Esha Audio books are available on all these formats – SD card, CD, USB stick. And in a short while, we will make direct download possible too 🙂 And by the file, so you only get what you want..

What do you think?

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3 Responses to When should we hear audio books?

  1. sameer says:

    how do i download these.

  2. anjina says:

    how can we get and hera the audio books

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